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Neo4j – Machine Learning and Page Rank algorithm

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Neo4j – Machine Learning and Page Rank algorithm


Neo4j is a lightning fast read and write graph database which allows easy CRUD operations and provides a safe and secure environment to store all your data. It also consists of various out of the box machine learning algorithms using the Data Science Library. A graph database is really useful to determine the relationship between two data points as the relationship between two objects matter more than the objects themselves to get various useful insights about the data.


Neo4j provides easy ways to generate NODES and Relationships between these nodes which can then be used by the various Machine Learning algorithms provided by the Neo4j Data science Library. We used the Neo4j DB to generate relationships between our various entities and determine which keywords and named entities are being referred to in the conversation and get the appropriate PDF resource for that conversation.


The keywords are searched in the Neo4j DB which have been populated with various NODES and RELATIONSHIPS according to the scope. Then those keywords are used to search to track back the Business Process which contains the PDF Resource name that particular keyword belongs to for easier and faster access and reviews. Now, a single keyword can be related to a number of PDF resources. In order to get the most suitable PDf resource, a PAGE RANK algorithm is used from the Data Science LIbrary of Neo4j to determine the page ranks of the various nodes and relationships. The top 5 resources with the highest page ranks are returned using this algorithm.


To conclude, Neo4j can be a great tool to generate graph databases in order to leverage data relationships that store relationship information as a first-class entity and can be easily scaled according to the changing business requirements. Whereas the traditional database or RDBMS databases are poor at handling data relationships and their rigid schemas can be very cumbersome to adapt to new business requirements.