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Don't forget to show your IT & Tech support A Little Love This Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is a special day set aside for each of us to take a moment and celebrate the love we have in our lives. From significant others to children to parents to siblings and friends, Valentine's Day reminds us how connected we are to those we cherish. In 2022, this connection is even easier.

The advancement of technologies like FaceTime, Google Duo, and Amazon Echo have made connecting with your favorite people simpler than ever. Some may attribute this rapid advancement to the global pandemic which necessitated the need for virtual communications. But it is important to note that this would be impossible without the IT staff behind the scenes creating, developing, and testing each of these technologies helping to make our live better by bringing us closer to each of our loved ones.

Here at Skytech, we know the true unsung heroes are the ones to make sure we are able to order last minute gifts or, talk face to face half a world away. These workers problem solve and create to make our lives better, advancing established programming further and further. Long hours of work, weekend and holidays on call, and constant trouble shooting so that we may enjoy an almost seamlessly connect world.

So this Valentine's Day don't forget to show your IT co-workers and help desk support a little extra love and appreciation. They too get frustrated with a slow internet connection, especially when they just want to make sure you can chat with your loved ones.


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